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As the point guard you’re the anchor of the team and when things are going south you have to be the one that teammates can look to through those tough times.

Stephen Curry
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  • 9 hours ago

basketball, a ten year anniversary.

I started playing basketball when I was nine back when I was still living in Detroit. I didn’t realize it until the other day but this is the year that marks that I’ve been playing basketball for more than half my life now.

If I think about it now, there’s really no other activity that I’ve been doing longer than I’ve been playing basketball. Surprisingly, the next thing on the list would probably be playing viola; which I ended up playing for six years. What’s even more interesting is that even though basketball’s been one of my biggest passions; I’ve only had one year of playing on a real team and have only played in two tournaments. On the official sheets; it wouldn’t seem like I’ve been playing basketball for a whopping ten years. 

Despite the fact that I probably would’ve been a lot better had I played officially; I don’t regret it one bit. Self-teaching myself basketball has actually been something that I’ve come to appreciate. It’s almost like a kind of pride; that I’ve gotten here all by myself without anyone elses’ help. I’ve developed my own swagger, a play-style that’s unique to me.

Growing up in middle school, I remember spending hours and hours in the gym practicing my handles. Even when I walked to viola lessons (it was around a 30 minute walk, I would dribble a basketball in one hand while carrying my viola in the other. The open gym, as a child, was one of the most beautiful things that I set my eyes upon because it meant that I could spend countless hours playing without interruption.

Unfortunately, I am by no means that great of a player; but I would be lying if I didn’t think that I’m at the very least decent. Basketball has held a special place in my heart for the past ten years and counting. Though my days of drastically getting better seem to be behind me; the dream of becoming a superstar still remains.

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  • 9 hours ago

There’s only a couple players in the league that can get you to stop everything you’re doing to watch whatever he’s doing

Bill Simmons
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Been up and down about lifting for the longest time ever. I guess it’s more of an impulsive thing; depending on how I feel during that period of time.

For awhile I was talking about how I was pretty satisfied with where I’m at but with the recent influx of friends that are beginning to lift; I almost feel like I need to get back. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m back in the lifting game, trying to push my numbers everyday.

GOALS (by the end of the quarter):

Bench: 145 lbs -> 165 lbs

Military Press: 45 lbs -> 55 lbs

Dead-lifting: 135 lbs -> 155lbs (while doing proper form too)

Squats: 135 lbs -> 155 lbs

Bicep Curls: 30 lbs -> 40 lbs

Rose Hammer: 50 lbs -> 60 lbs

Obviously there are an endless amount of other exercises that I can write about but it would take forever to write them all down. The ones listed are the main ones for the corresponding muscle group. Hopefully I can stay consistent.

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  • 1 day ago

Vocal Lessons

I actually began singing because it was a requirement for my first Taiwan Mission Trip. The objective was to teach kids English and one of the methods that we used was singing English songs. I had sung before for worship but I had never really sung outside of that. In fact, I didn’t really start listening to music until really recently at that point (one of the first songs being “Billionaire” by Bruno Mars). 

I was obviously a nervous wreck at first because I didn’t really know how to sing, let alone lead a group of students to sing, even if the songs were extremely rudimentary. But fortunately after a turn of events, I picked up some confidence and began singing without the fear of being judged. 

I came back to the states and was asked to lead worship for my Youth Group because I was really the only one who had the guts to sing loudly and boldly. It was nothing big, the attendance was only around twenty people; and like I said it wasn’t because I had any talent or anything.

I was actually really bad when I first started; it was a lot tougher to lead worship that I thought it was. Now that I look back, I was actually over-dramatic; I thought of leading worship as a performance to showcase my “talents”.

It’s actually funny how much religion factored into me singing.

Anyways, I pretty much stopped after I graduated from high school. There was no more youth group to attend and I didn’t wind up at any fellowship either. In fact, I kind of stopped listening to new music. 

At the beginning of the quarter I decided to change that. I decided that in addition to being more fit physically, I wanted to learn a new art. I had always made the excuse that I wasn’t musically talented and that’s why I was bad; but to be honest I never gave it an honest effort. I ended up asking an old friend of mine to begin teaching me how to sing, right down to the basics. 

Like everything else, it’s a work in progress. I’m hoping that I’ll be persistent at it though; I definitely know how much you can improve if you consistently practice.

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  • 3 days ago

google mail

During fall quarter I changed my email to “” as a means to represent my name better when I contact others. The downside from this change is that I had to change from gmail to outlook. It’s a downside because I like to have all my apps linked to one account and google has been requiring an account pretty much everywhere: android, youtube, etc.

So last week I decided to link my outlook account with my gmail account so I could keep my domain name while using google. I was actually pretty amazed that it worked. Everything functions the same, even to the extent to where when I send emails I still retain the same domain name from outlook. It felt nice to have everything in one place again.

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  • 4 days ago

19.89 hours

I applied to biochemistry yesterday morning and I must say it was quite an experience. It was nothing exhilarating or anything like it but it definitely felt like some development of character happened.

Biochemistry’s average GPA acceptance is around a 3.2 and it really isn’t hard to get into. I’ve been told that I don’t really need to write a good personal statement to get in just because my academic record is much higher than the average student.  If there’s an analogy to be said, it’s like saying I’m applying to Western Washington University again; if I don’t get in I’ll be extremely surprised. 

When I finished my first draft of my personal statement, I probably could have turned it in and called it off then. At that point I had probably spent around 4 hours formulating the essay itself. But I didn’t. It was a little odd because I felt an obligation to put forth a good effort even though it wasn’t really required.

What I realized through this is that I’ve never really had to do deal with rejection. Everywhere I apply, I feel extremely certain that I will get in: UWMC, Kaeberlin lab, UW, WWU; there’s no doubt in my mind that I won’t get accepted. Because of that I never face the situation where if I don’t really do well in this part of the application I might actually get rejected (although UW was an exception).

I decided to take this personal statement a little more seriously because I feel like if I don’t I’m not really taking anything away from this. It’s not like I have to either but the idea is that if there’s something that can better me; why not do it? 

I ended up spending around 20 hours on my personal statement which still really isn’t a lot but it’s a lot more than just a measly 4.

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Ariana Grande + Coffee

God damn it puts me in such a good mood.

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